Simply Sundays podcast continues

My five part series exploring the topic of wellbeing features conversations with various support practitioners across Canada.

Nadine Ryan Bannerman, an executive coach in Calgary, shares how she supports her clients to become better leaders, and the effective strategies she has learned from the field of positive psychology to reduce stress and increase optimism.

Sophi Robertson, a registered massage therapist in Toronto, talks about the physical symptoms her clients show up with and shares how lifestyle changes could supplement the work she does so they can improve their wellbeing.

Kathleen Mercer, a naturopathic doctor in St John’s, invites patients to press ‘pause’, so they can take a close look at what is happening in life and set goals to start on a path of wellbeing.

Jacky Challenger, a yoga instructor in Tofino, describes yoga, how she helps her students achieve an optimal state and her personal experience with wellbeing.

Alison Lush, a certified professional organizer in Montreal, shares how she supports her clients to manage their physical environment so they can reach their big picture goals.


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