no work, no desk

Finally, a Saturday morning when we can stay home together.

After a stunning hot sunny week, the weekend opens up cool and wet. There are persistent silent flashes of light, followed by lengthy deep growls from above the brown clouds. A steady rain starts to fall, hitting the pavement and drowning out any emerging city sounds. It seems to have silenced the natural world until the baby sparrows nested in our eaves cry out for food.

The first couple of sleepy hours are spent on the bed in silent conversation, surrounded by cozy blankets not needed in the night but suddenly are necessary as a breeze picks up momentum and blows in to say hello. The dim but warm glow of daylight filters through the window onto our bodies. Heavenly.

Room to cook, room to breathe.

Then our tummies start to grumble. However, breakfast must be served with the weekend Globe and Mail! So while My Love sits to meditate, I suit up in something waterproof and eagerly head out the door to the corner store. I’m grinning as I brace for the wind that blows down the main street. I like weather that announces its presence! With the paper under my arm, I enter our building, shaking the droplets off my coat. Inside, wet clothes are replaced by softer layers and I set to work in the kitchen. Water in the kettle for my tea and the stove top espresso gadget for Karl. 8 minutes left before his bell sounds him into movement. Simple pleasures.

So, the world continues to evolve. Continue reading