can reduced stress lead to less clutter?

I love how seeing clean, clear lines around my home evokes in me a feeling of relaxation. However, how does someone find the time and energy to declutter to achieve this experience?

A photo of Jo, arms raised with hands on the back of her head in a relaxed pose, facing her front window that is filled with green leaves dotted with sunshine.

I am taking a break by stepping out of the office to
enjoy the beautiful summer view.

As a coach, I work with many creative and community builders who work in a home office. Many are also freelancers who travel from place to place and depend on their home space to provide a stable refuge. The topic of reducing clutter and getting organized comes up as a way to increase productivity and to reduce stress. Through our exploration, my clients quickly find out that it’s a bit more complicated then just throwing things out and donning the rubber gloves to give their place a good clean!

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