no gadget night

Candle light creates focus in a room. We enjoy glass “candles” with refillable liquid paraffin and fibreglass wicks. Photo by Jo

We relax with our technology. My husband curls up with a good book on his Kobo reader. On the iPad I watch National Film Board stories. Pick any screen and we enjoy catching up on the lives of friends and distant relatives via Facebook. We love to cook and dine at home listening to Diana Panton, who’s voice is emanating from the iPod that is hooked up to a spare set of computer speakers. Grown kids text and friends PIN plans for the weekend.

This may seem a little too hooked up for some, but we’re fairly successful at keeping “work” out of our down time – our Blackberry ringers are turned off (we don’t have a home phone line) and email replies are left until tomorrow. Oh, and did I mention that we don’t have television cable? Just never got around to hooking it up. Truthfully, there are some great programs we would like to watch, but otherwise there is just too much junk that comes with it to distract. I remember years ago recording shows on VHS and saving them to watch: I would eventually fall behind and feel guilty. For those with PVR today, does this ring a bell? We have a 37” flat screen that nestles perfectly in a corner of the living room between the window wall and the fireplace. We rent movies occasionally on iTunes and own a few discs that are hard-to-find favourites. We also have a Netflix account and can view programming on the television via an Apple TV box.

So how does the title “No Gadget Night” fit in?

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