clear space to be

a calm living space  (photo by Jo)

I recognize that I like things. Shiny glass, strong wood, textured fabrics. My senses resonate with the things I can look at and feel. (I really hate not being able to touch art at a gallery but that’s a post for another day 😉 However, I also like clean, open spaces with little clutter. A friend recently asked me where does my minimalist self come from? Hmm…let me think about that and I’ll reply at the end of this post. Meantime…

On the internet recently I tuned into the television series, Consumed with Jill Pollack. Families have their homes completely cleared out and they live for 30 days with the bare essentials. Then they return to their boxed up items in a warehouse and reduce a lot of it before bringing some things back home. Meanwhile, Darren Doyle builds solutions in the home and Jill decorates to make it even more inviting to remain junk free.

Okay, I enjoyed every minute of it! Continue reading