the space between

“I am not sure what I am supposed to do now.”

It is not uncommon for my clients to start out their coaching journey with a statement like this. My talent is helping people to pare down and slow down so they can get to what matters most to them. Typically over age 45, their heads have popped up after a big shift in their lives, such as the kids have left home, they recently got divorced, or they want to change careers or retire. My clients want to simplify their world so they can engage with their day-to-day in a more meaningful way. Continue reading




I have learned that I can love to live anywhere.

Six years ago my beautiful partner and I moved in together. We choose this large two bedroom rental in an old, but renovated, three storey walk up. The top floor fire escape in the busy maples provides a fresh air perch, and the windows on three sides create sunset art on the walls. Over time, the property has revealed itself to be ‘a rotting lily’, with countless deficiencies. Along with the challenges of neighbourly proximity, there may be a lot to dislike about this place. But it is here we have grown together, falling more in love each year.

As we prepare to move in a month, downsizing to Continue reading